A Piece for Peace

Last fall I got a call from our local Interfaith agency.  They work to plan events where people of different faith backgrounds can come together to work on social issues, build fellowship, and promote understanding.  The call I got was about doing such event specifically for youth.  So we started…

Meetings and months later, we held our event and entitled it “A Piece for Peace.”  We invited youth of various faith backgrounds to come together and work on a physical piece of art that we can put somewhere in the community.  We wanted to show that we can move far beyond tolerance and into a place where relationships are formed, people work together, and great things are accomplished.

We started our time together with the usual 100_2933get to know you games and activities and then moved into the artistic part of the event.  Each youth made a mold of their hand using paper mache.  The were working together to make one big sculpture out of all their hand molds when we ran out of time.  They are excited about planning a time to come back together and finish.

This opportunity was so important.  So many people thing that Christians are intolerant and judgmental.  Making steps to change those perceptions is key, and who better to do it that our youth?  We all need their help to change people perceptions of the church and how we operate.

I very much look forward to our continued work with this diverse group of youth people and have high hopes for the Piece for Peace that they will create.


About Abby Triebel

Abby is a Full Time Youth Leader in Upstate NY.
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