Girl Time

About once a year, I have an overnight for just my girls.  Without the boys, conversations are more open and free.  We take the opportunity to talk about body Image, self esteem, sexuality and whatever else comes up.

This year, our theme was Daughters of the King.  We watched the movie The Princess Diaries and used it as a reference for our conversation about what it takes to be a princess and what it means for us to be daughters of the Risen King.

I found a ton of resources on line for verses and discussion starters. It was easy to pull off. I also had one of my college girls come for part of the night to teach us fancy hair tricks and nail polish tricks.  We got so caught up in hair and nail polish, we did not get to either of the crafts I planned, but that was okay.  One of the crafts was a simple picture frame with the phrase “Daughter of the King” on it.  We were going to decorate them and then take pictures for them.  The other craft was a mosaic.  We had an outline of a girl, and lots of magazines to cut up for filling the outline.  The idea was to restructure images where women an girls were judged only for skin deep beauty and transition it into an image of God’s Love for us.  I really wish that had taken the time to do those thing, but the girls loved the time for nails and hair.

I love the time I get with my girls, and taking the time to address issues without the boys around has become the highlight of the year for many of them.  Image


About Abby Triebel

Abby is a Full Time Youth Leader in Upstate NY.
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