Counting Our Blessings

Whether in Youth group, or Sunday School, or Confirmation, I am often overwhelmed by the emotions of our youth.  They feel things so deeply, and though the times of joy are quite joyful, they are often clouded by worry, sadness, and fear.

So, in order to help us focus on our blessings in the new year, I stole an idea right from the world of Facebook.  It originally, as far as I can see, came from Slice of Life.  The idea was to fill a canning jar with blessings written on a piece of paper.  At the end of the year, it would be a wonderful to review the year. 

I tweaked it a bit for my youth.  We had tons of decorated canning jars left from a Christmas Luminary Project.  Each group got to choose a jar to use.  From now until April or so, we will be filling them with our blessings each week.  In April, we already had a schedule lesson on Encouragement.  During that lesson, I plan to go over the blessings with them, and together, we will be encouraged by what God is doing in our lives.  Then, they can take the idea home and run with it!


About Abby Triebel

Abby is a Full Time Youth Leader in Upstate NY.
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