Pageant Time

Like many other churches, we held our Christmas Pageant yesterday.  For the 5th year in a row, we had a High School student directing.  This year, said director was brand new.  Her family has only been members of this church for a few years, and she had only participated in one pageant.  I was impressed (and a little scared) that she was willing to take on this role.

We had the usual successes and struggles.  She enthusiastically found a pageant, did some visioning and held auditions.  Our struggles came with the coordination of details, which is okay.  This is not just about a pageant, it’s about empowerment and learning to lead.

I sat through the first part of the pageant which went well, and then scrambled to get the cookie reception together for after the pageant.  The cast, and our 14 year old director where among the first up there.  I was ready for them to peel off their costumes and run for the cookies.  They did not.  Instead, they gathered together to thank God that they made it, that it went well, and that they had told the story of his love.  I was amazed when  the preschoolers and early elementary kids resisted even looking at the cookies to stand quietly in prayer for a moment.

No where in any instruction the High School student was given did is say for her to ground this experience in prayer.  No where did it say she had to invite the cast into this place. No where did it say that she had to be a mentor of faith to this children in this way.  But she did.

I thank Christ for her maturity and leadership.  Despite the hiccups along the way, she went above and beyond in so many ways.


About Abby Triebel

Abby is a Full Time Youth Leader in Upstate NY.
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