HS Retreat

Each year, we have a one night overnight with the HS youth.  No matter what else is going on in our lives at church (National Gathering, trip to Mexico, etc) we make this time together a priority.  We usually plan wild and crazy games, and then spend the bulk of the time just letting the youth be together.  In their over scheduled lives, they find it easy to catch up, play games, relax and have fun.  They stay up all night and walk around like Zombies the rest of the weekend.

It’s time to start planning this year’s retreat, so I will stall a bit first by telling you about last year’s retreat.  We called it “The Potty Break”.  Every game had something to do with toilets.  We broke the kids into three teams (this was just a number that worked for us, nothing special).  One team sported boxers over their clothing, another team was in granny panties, and the third was in tighty whities.  In other years we’ve used bandanna’s, but this year, underwear was just so much more appropriate.

All the games we played came from somewhere on the internet, but I do not remember where, sorry.  We made toilet paper brides, picking one manly young man to dress as the bride.  We played toilet paper hockey with toilet bowl wands.  We  held a contest to see who couImageld keep a square of TP in the air the longest by blowing up from under it.  We bobbed in toilets made of buckets and toilet seats for miniature candy bars floating in lemonade.  It was really quite gross.  Games we did not choose we the TP firing squad which involved throwing wet toilet paper at a target; Toilet seat toss (throwing the seats over a plunger), and plunger head, which involved two people trying to get a tennis ball on a string wrapped around the plunger on top of their head first.

After all the games, we had a “potty break” where we talked about the language we use (potty mouths).  It was a lose connection, but we got there.  We also awards Gold, Silver and Bronze toilet bowl cleaners to the teams.  We had a lot of fun planning, running, and living in the memories of this retreat.  Most importantly, we had the chance to give our HS youth the gift of being away in the Kingdom of Christ.


About Abby Triebel

Abby is a Full Time Youth Leader in Upstate NY.
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