Word, Publisher, Websites, oh MY! Creating documents for your ministry.

I often joke about the many hats I wear as a youth worker.  These include teacher, mother, nurse, psychotherapist, musician, chef, fundraiser, and graphic designer.  Having no previous design experience I often feel out of ideas when trying to create documents for registrations, bible studies, and newsletters.  But that’s the joy of being a part of a network.  We aren’t doing this alone!!

A friend and colleague, Michael Sladek, is a graphic designer, a former youth minister and a member of the ELCA Youth Ministry Extravaganza planning team, and the owner of Impression Media Group in Seattle.  He recently led the 3rd Tuesday Conversation (more info on that in a second).   His topic was  “How to Make Your Stuff Look Good” and he provided us with 11 Commandments to help us when making our publications, presentations, and web pages for ministry.  The webinar is approximately 30 minutes long.

Click here to watch the webinar
(Please note that you will be asked for your email address and name to access the recorded webinar)

As I mentioned before, 3rd Tuesday Conversations are monthly conversations with experts in the field of youth ministry and beyond.  3TC conversations are free for ELCA Youth Ministry Network members.  More information can be found on the Network website.  I know that we’ve mentioned it before, but if you aren’t a member of the Network, join today!

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