How Transparent is Your Church?

I recently saw this quick blurb on a news service I follow:

Well, it’s a church with a steeple, but you don’t need to open the doors to see all the people. Two Belgian architects have created an amazing steel-framed church, built from 100 stacked layers and 2,000 columns of plates. From some angles, you can see it clearly, but from others it seems to disappear. Don’t expect to attend services there, though—the church is actually an art installation titled “Reading Between the Lines.” (via Newser)

The Belgian architects were trying to make a statement about faith, but it begs the question for us, Is your church transparent?

This question can be taken in a number of ways:

  • Do our churches show others what we are doing in a way that they can feel welcomed and join in because they know what they can expect?
  • Do our churches keep others safe by not allowing certain things to happen behind closed doors?
  • Do our churches unveil structures in a way that everyone can find a role in God’s mission in their daily life?

How is your church transparent?

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