Change of Heart

Here’s an easy activity for kids. It can fit with this weekend’s Gospel (Matthew 22:34-46) or can easily slip into a variety of lessons.

To prepare it, for each child you will need: white paper with a large heart printed on one side, construction paper, crayons, scissors, and glue.

After the kids are all sitting, give them each one sheet of white paper with the heart facing down. Ask them to not flip their paper. Ask them to tell you what it feels like to be angry or sad.

Ask them to color the way they feel when they’re angry or sad. This might take a little modeling/explaining — You can say something like, “When I am angry, I say harsh things that I don’t mean, but are hard to take back so I will use a black crayon and press hard into my paper.” Or, “When I am angry, I don’t know where to turn and go in all directions, so I will scribble with this crayon.” When we did this at Our Saviour, it took only one example before they understood and were filling the paper with crayon. As you go, keep talking with them about those feelings.

Have them turn the paper over. There will see the heart outline. Have them cut this out.

Turn the paper back over to see the crayon side. Have them notice how the shape of the heart changes the feelings of anger, sadness, and fear into a picture of love.

Glue the heart onto construction paper and put underneath it any memory verse you would like to use for the day.

Remind them that Jesus wanted us to love others to show that we followed him. By loving others, we can turn angry or sad feelings into love and kindness.

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