First Day of Confirmation…

Since many of us have just started our year again, and I consider this to be a very stressful time, I thought I would provide you with some stress relieving real life humor from my first day back.

This past Sunday, I asked the confirmation youth to name as many New Testament Books as they could.  I got the following answers:  Ax, Jesus, Revolution, Issac, Joseph, Paul, Theologians, and Mary.
The second question was “What is the first story of the New Testament?”  More than one answered creation, and one young man answered “Something to do with Noah.”

The third and final question was “Who wrote a lot of the New Testament? ” Only one person answered Paul, but other answers included Jesus, Mary, Martin Luther, Noah, and the pope.

Please pray with me…

Lord, I thank you for bringing us all together again.  Thank you that we have the opportunity to learn, grow and dwell in your word and your kingdom.  I ask that you help all of us in opening your word, wisdom, promises and love to all of those we work with. Amen.

Have a great year everyone!


About Abby Triebel

Abby is a Full Time Youth Leader in Upstate NY.
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