Room for Christ

Yesterday we were ready to start Sunday school and so I asked all the kids to make sure they had written their names on the activity sheet they had while everyone was arriving. As they started putting their sheets to the side, a small hand started patting my hip to get my attention. The little boy said, “Ms. Rebekah, I can’t put my name on this, I ran out of room.” When I looked at his paper, I realized what he meant. He had written big enough that only the first 6 letters of his name, Christopher, fit on the line.

I assured him that it was okay to put his name anywhere on the paper — that there was plenty of room.

His question stuck with me. At all ages, we easily get wrapped up in trying to fit in somewhere that we miss the point — that Christ is what completes us all. And Christ accepts us fully, even when we feel like we’ve fallen short.

May we always remember there is plenty of room for Christ in our lives.

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