I can’t remember anymore how I came across this video, but I really love it. Quite simply, it is a video with 40 drawings of Jesus in the Wilderness:

Last year I used it for the first youth meeting in Lent. We read the text about Jesus in the Wilderness and talked about what we thought Jesus might have been up to for 40 days. We then watched the movie and talked about what this artist thought of Jesus doing. (It turned into an interesting discussion about filling in details in the Bible and creative interpretations).  We also talked about what we wanted to see happen in our own lives in the next 40 days.

This year, I used it with the Sunday School kids. The music in the background was soft enough for us to talk over; All they needed was the question “What do you see?” and they became the story tellers for the morning. They were surprised how quickly 40 pictures went by and were excited to be able to pick out things like Jesus playing, talking with the animals, and watching the flowers grow. They were also able to understand the story differently as they could see Jesus growing more and more haggard and tired. The story was able to take shape in a way they understood.

I am not sure who liked it more — the kids, the teenagers, or myself. Every time I watch it, it comes as a much needed reminder to slow down, take everything in, and through it all, trust in God.

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