It’s not about Numbers…

If you are like me and the church I serve, you recently had to written annual report.  You may have been asked to list every event, the plan, and the attendance for that event.  You may have been asked to list the names of visitors to your program,  you may have been asked to list how many youth made their first communion, their  confirmation, or possibly even how many stuck around after confirmation.

So, what I’m getting to is this.  No matter what you are asked to report on, it’s not about numbers.  It’s about the gospel of Christ.  It’s about the kingdom if God.  It’s about giving youth (no matter how many) the space to explore who God has called them to be.   And the truth is that these things can happen while you dwell with two youth, thirty youth, or three hundred youth.

As you write reports and look at numbers, I urge you to keep this at the heart of your ministry:  Be who god has called you to be, and share the gospel as he has called you.  With these things at the heart, your ministry is a success, no matter what the numbers say.


About Abby Triebel

Abby is a Full Time Youth Leader in Upstate NY.
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