Come Sunday

Come SundayCome Sunday is a lovely children’s book that I found through Children’s Literature a couple of months ago. My only dilemma in using the book for our normal Sunday School time was that the Baptist Church depicted in the story has some pretty big differences from our own.

What we ended up doing was reading the story, skipping a page or two, and asking the kids: Does our church look like this? We talked all about the similarities and the differences between the book and what they saw in our church before making an art project.

Come Sunday Books. Click to see larger image. For our art project, we made our own books about coming to church. It turned out to be a simple project to prepare (and budget-friendly), but it was a good project for all the ages we had and something I hope families will keep and look back on.

Here’s how to make them with your own group:
Before you meet, make 1 copy for each child of the inside pages (Here is the page I made for this project — you could easily make your own with different questions). I cut these down the middle in advance and cut various colors of construction paper into fourths for the covers of the books. Gather glue, crayons, pencils, and tape.

While the kids got started, adults were paired with some of the youngest, having them dictate a sentence or two and then they could add their pictures themselves. As they began to finish their pictures, they were given 2 pieces of construction paper for covers. An adult helped them to tape the two strips together and then fold in alternating directions. This makes an accordion-style book that they can glue the covers on to the back of the first and last panels.

The result was fantastic. It was good to hear the kids talking about church — what their favorite parts were (receiving bread at communion and singing were popular) and reinforcing that it was a time to share with others.

This craft could be easily redone as a memento for VBS or summer camps, or even turned into a prayer book for the weeks of Lent. Leave a comment with your ideas on how to use it!

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