Christmas Blessings

Last Sunday at the end of our Sunday School Session we gathered hand in hand to pray. One of the kids favorite ways to pray is to contribute something they are thankful for. So I asked them to go around and say what they were blessed with this year at Christmas.

Their answers are always so sincere. This week, they said they were blessed to be in Sunday School, they were blessed to have family visiting, and they were blessed to have homes and food.

We were almost to the end of the group when we came to a very young girl. She is very shy and her mom has been staying with her in Sunday School for a few weeks while she gets comfortable with her surroundings. When it came to her, she hesitated. Her mom quietly asked her, “What are you thankful for?” She bashfully said “You” and buried her face in her mom’s side.

As we come towards the light of Epiphany, may we search to find and recognize the blessings in our lives.

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