One of the strengths here at my congregation is that we do Advent well.  Our entire congregation knows what the season of Advent is, we celebrate together, the kids talk about how it is celebrated in their homes, and we truly understand what we are all waiting for.  We have been blessed with one family that has been running the “Advent Event” each year, feeding us with food and Word, wreath making and song.  Every generation comes together for this event, and every part of it is shared and enjoyed by everyone.    The birth of a baby is something everyone can understand.  Lighting candles is something that mystifies us young and old.  Waiting is something everyone can understand.

This week in confirmation, to go along with the theme of Advent, we talked about how Abraham and Sarah waited for a baby.  God had promised them a child, but they had to wait 25 years.  Waiting is hard, and we have all experienced a hard wait.  And like Abraham and Sarah, sometimes, in our waiting, we get off track, or lose faith in what we are waiting for.  We talked about ways to make sure we stay on track, ways to get back on track, ways to listen for God’s promises and words, and ways to support each other.  Waiting is a part of life for everyone (which is why I think Advent speaks to all of us so well) and Advent is the natural time to discuss this, to walk among the generations, and have them learn from each other.




About Abby Triebel

Abby is a Full Time Youth Leader in Upstate NY.
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