Subtle Reminders


Scratchiti Reminder: Pray

For me, things get especially busy about October 1st. It starts to feel like there is a big event to plan for, a special worship service, and lesson plans for every week. My free time feels as fleeting as the daylight hours and it doesn’t seem to let up until there is more sunshine in the day.

This is why in the past week two subtle reminders struck me. Both were found in the 179th Street Station of the F line. I travel go through this station at least 10 times a week. I stand in the same area on the platform to wait for a train and one day noticed something scratched into the wall: PRAY.

How easy is it to forget to do this? Especially when feeling overwhelmed or just over extended.

Love God

Graffiti Reminder: Love God

The very next day I went into the station and right at the entrance there was a graffiti on the sloped ceiling leading to the station. This read: LOVE GOD.

While it might seem odd to need a reminder to love God, it was a reminder to me to love God by loving others — in their good times and bad, successes and failures.

Two subtle reminders from a stranger: Pray and Love God.


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