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One of the strengths here at my congregation is that we do Advent well.  Our entire congregation knows what the season of Advent is, we celebrate together, the kids talk about how it is celebrated in their homes, and we … Continue reading

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Subtle Reminders

For me, things get especially busy about October 1st. It starts to feel like there is a big event to plan for, a special worship service, and lesson plans for every week. My free time feels as fleeting as the … Continue reading

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Being Fed…

This week I have had a couple of opportunities to come together with other leaders, both lay and ordained to be fed.  As I come from these opportunities, I find myself wondering “why don’t I do this more often?”  Afterward, … Continue reading

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And the results are in…

contributed by Pam Zimmer As election day comes to a close, I am preparing for this evening’s meeting of our new youth board. In order to allow youth more say in their programming, a youth board, essentially a student council, … Continue reading

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