Today is a great day Lord, Thanks!

Grandpa with with his granddaughters and great-granddaughter

I recently returned from Minnesota to attend my grandfather’s funeral.  He was 92 years old and lived an amazing life.  My grandpa was an amazing storyteller and knew how to make people laugh.  We have boxes and boxes of his stories.  He also kept a daily journal which was simply notes written on loose leaf paper that he stapled together.  We have years’ worth of daily entries filed away talking about what he did that day, the weather, the score of the Minnesota Twins Baseball game, who came to visit, and also what he ate for dinner.  I always knew my grandpa kept a journal but I had never seen what he had written before.  What surprised my family the most was what he wrote at the top of every day’s entry…. Today is a great day Lord, Thanks!
My grandpa was a man of character, a man with a great sense of humor, a man of nobility who lived a humble life, without the luxuries most of us have today.  But the most important thing about my grandpa was that he was a man of faith.

My grandpa taught me many lessons from his own life experiences.  He had a remarkable work ethic; teaching us the value of leading a life of humility and putting others first.  I am so glad we have wonderful memories to keep in our hearts and also his stories on paper.

My prayer is that each of us; amidst our stressful jobs, hectic schedules, and to do lists; can start and end our days with the reminder that we are blessed.  We live in the Promises of God, assured of Gods love for us and equipped with gifts to share.  When you think of it that way,

Today IS a great day Lord, Thanks!

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