Movies and Ministry

Last week Rebekah posted a great blog incorporating the movie, the Invention of Lying, into a devotion.  As she mentioned, I too enjoy offering movies and music as a means of discussion in bible studies with young people.  I love watching films; spending a few hours getting wrapped up in other peoples stories and thinking about them from a theological standpoint.  (Sidenote: Did you know that most movie theaters in the NYC area offer $6 tickets to showings before noon on any day of the week?)

While I love the idea of showing movies, I sometimes I have a difficult time finding the right movie that relates to our theme or only want to show one scene and not have to watch a whole film to find the perfect scene.  I recently discovered a great media website for you to add to Resource list.

WingClips is a website that has short clips ranging in length (30 seconds to 4 minutes) from hundreds of different movies.  Clips can be searched by movie title, Scripture, category/genre, and theme.  Many of the movies are new releases, like Charlie St. Cloud and Despicable Me.  Each clip has a small summary to help the viewer set up the scene.

I’d love to hear what resources you have found to be helpful in preparing for bible studies.

Our hope is that this “Stories In Faith” blog is a resource for leaders and that we can continue to support, encourage, and learn from each others experiences.  We welcome your comments and ideas for future posts.

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