This past Friday, our youth group met. We talked about having obedient faith and what God commands Christians to do. Part of this was making a list of the things God asks of us. The things you may expect came up — the Ten Commandments and to love one another. We had all fallen silent for a moment to think when one youth said, “arhglu” (like Argh-Glue). We all looked up at him because we had no idea what he was talking about.

As he wrote A-R-H-G-L-U on the sheet, he said, “Always Remember How God Loves You”.

I think that he touched on something different that evening. We often talk about God’s love — I feel like a broken record sometimes telling the Sunday School kids that God always loves them. But this acronym has more to it.

It isn’t just saying that God loves us, but it is saying we need to remember how God loves us. Saying it this way makes a static idea active. It takes a fact, “God loves you”, and searches for the meaning behind it.

Sometimes it is easier to just say, God loves us, than to search for how God loves us — Especially when things aren’t going well. But the evidence of God’s love surrounds us in all we do. In our successes, failures, struggles and moments of joy.

What this youth reminded me that evening was that remembering the actual ways that God’s love works in our lives can have a transformative power over us.

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One Response to ARHGLU

  1. Julie Hagen says:

    I am continually amazed by the questions, curiosity, and insight youth bring to the group. Thanks for sharing this Rebekah!

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