What Do Kids See?

The world through a child's eyes...

photo via flickr

A few weeks ago I was leading a game about being the body of Christ and working together with our Sunday School kids. I wanted them to see that we all have to work together to do things — even the things we take for granted in worship. So I asked the kids, “What are some of the things you see people do in church?”

A 9 year old that was already having somewhat of a bad morning said quietly, “argue.”

I was expecting and hoping for answers like, “We see acolytes, pastors, readers, people worshiping, and people making music or praying.” But, kids are observant and they are always watching. Even if he is just reflecting on a difficult morning with his family, kids are paying attention to what we want them to see and what we don’t want them to see.

I tried to explain that while we see people sometimes arguing, there are other things we see more. The boy agreed that we see a lot of love too. I refined the question slightly and we talked about the people we saw in worship.

We giggled about imagining one person running around doing everything — saying everything, responding, playing music and singing. We could all imagine how silly it would look to see this. And so, I asked them, “So, what happens when we all work together?”

There were a few blank faces still lost in their thoughts, when one of the youngest, a three year old girl who barely talks and usually prefers body language says clearly, “Everyone is happy together.”

My hope is that kids can grow in an environment where we are all happy together; Where we all work together with love and respect. Where even if there is arguing, we are defined by our love. Kids are listening and watching – Are they seeing people working as the Body of Christ working together?

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