The Hippo Song and Welcoming Others

Hip Hip Hippopotamus.  Hip Hip Hooray God Made all of us!

We are in our last week of Vacation Bible Camp, a 4 week summer bible camp for children ages 3-12. We begin each morning with singing and prayers. The children especially love singing the “Hippo Song” not because it is about all that God has created, (including the hippopotamus) but because they get to jump around and pretend to be a big hippo.  This past Sunday the summer camp children and staff sang this song during worship.  There was a visitor in worship that day who knew the Hippo Song from growing up!   She told the Pastor that seeing the children singing brought back so many great memories and she is looking forward to worshipping with us again.

As youth workers we continually look for opportunities to relate to children, youth, and families but in doing so we are also creating a larger atmosphere of hospitality.  Who knows, we may be welcoming a new Sunday School teacher, Confirmation mentor, or youth chaperone.

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