Personal Space

contributed by Pam Zimmer

Youth, particularly teenage youth, need their own space, and that need applies to church life as well.   Churches need to provide their youth group with a space uniquely theirs, a lounge, a recreation center, or even just a quiet comfortable place for Bible study.  Finding space for such a venture can be difficult in small churches due to size and large churches due to the number of people already using the available space, but that doesn’t make it any less important.   I’m curious as to your thoughts.  Do you have a space dedicated solely to the youth of your church? If so, what kind of space is it? If not, is it something you have considered?

Here’s a great Website on creating a youth ministry space.

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One Response to Personal Space

  1. Rebekah Wedge says:

    Thanks for posting this Pam!

    We don’t have a single inch of spare space in our church building for a dedicated youth room. Even still, this article brings up things to think about without a physical location:
    Can the youth feel comfortable there? Is there a place to sit? Is it a don’t-you-dare-touch-anything space? Is it safe?
    Are you inviting and welcoming towards the youth? Are you ready when they get there? Are you smiling and friendly?
    Does the space reflect your message?

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